A Large-scale Dataset of Farsi License Plate Characters

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Iranis Dataset

A Large-scale Dataset of Farsi License Plate Characters

This repository contains a large-scale dataset with more than 83,000 images of Farsi numbers and letters collected from real-world license plate images captured by various cameras.

Iranis Dataset

Dataset Charactristics

Category Label (class name) Character # of Instances
Number 0 0 2501
Number 1 1 3495
Number 2 2 3930
Number 3 3 2745
Number 4 4 5774
Number 5 5 3610
Number 6 6 5753
Number 7 7 3736
Number 8 8 3583
Number 9 9 3528
Letter A الف 2517
Letter B ب 2511
Letter P پ 2519
Letter J ج 2505
Letter H ه 2558
Letter D د 2504
Letter Sin س 2445
Letter Sad ص 2515
Letter T ط 2512
Letter Gh ق 2482
Letter L ل 2502
Letter M م 2500
Letter N ن 2558
Letter V و 2509
Letter Y ی 2491
Letter PuV (Public Vehicle) ع 2508
Letter Taxi ت 2551
Symbol PwD (People with Disabilities) 🦽 2502
Total     83844

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💻 Contributers


We would like to thank the Technology Incubation Center of the University of Guilan, Guilan Science and Technology Park, and DadeKavan Khazar Pouya company for their kind supports. We also thank all the graduate and undergraduate students who contributed and were involved in acquiring and labeling data.


If you have used this dataset, please cite the following paper:

Ali Tourani, Sajjad Soroori, Asadollah Shahbahrami, and Alireza Akoushideh, “Iranis: A Large-scale Dataset of Farsi License Plate Characters,” (Link)